No Staging Required: We Buy Ugly Homes

Selling your home should be one of the biggest and most profitable transactions you will ever be a part of. If you’ve been living in the home for a few years and have been paying down the mortgage on schedule, you should have built up enough positive equity that, by the time you sell—assuming the market has been behaving normally—you should be able to look forward to turning a profit. That might not be the case, however, if you have an ugly home. At least, that’s what real estate agents will tell you. Homes in need of renovations or with out-of-date decor are more difficult to sell, so most real estate agents will suggest you drastically slash the price or pour large amounts of money into renovations and staging, all in the interest of making their jobs easier. The problem with this is that by the time you’re finished, the profit you make on the house might barely compete with the money you’ve spent on making the house sellable. Before you feel disheartened about the prospect of selling your less-than-perfect house, we have good news: we buy ugly homes!

Not only that; we also buy them for cash. When you’re in the business of buying homes, like we are, you can’t be too fussy about appearances, and that’s why we’re willing to make offers on ugly homes. We also hate wasting time, so we always aim to complete sales quickly. We buy ugly homes faster than you can say “sell my house for cash!”

We Buy Ugly HomesNo Renovations

Although a renovated house can sell more quickly and for more money in the traditional market, it also requires a lot of cash upfront, which many people don’t have. The average buyer might expect you to have up-to-date surfaces and fixtures, and everything operating in near perfect condition, but we know this isn’t always realistic. Your average real estate agent might expect you to rip out that old carpet, tear down a wall to create an open concept, and install a new bathroom vanity—and if you say to them “sell my house for cash,” their list of demands will be even greater—but we buy ugly homes and take it upon ourselves to fix them up if necessary, so you don’t have to.

No Staging

Another cost that most sellers don’t anticipate is staging. In the traditional market, staging can help increase the selling price. However, when you consider the cost of buying or renting new furniture, or hiring a staging company, the only person who really profits is your real estate agent. When we buy homes for cash, we don’t care if you have an Italian leather recliner or a bowl of wax fruit on your table. We want it just the way it is—even if it’s ugly. When you decide to sell your house, don’t pour money into the process. We want the transaction to be profitable for you, and that’s why we buy ugly homes as our business. And because we deal in cash, we can make an offer and complete the transaction quickly—faster than you can say “sell my house for cash!”

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