How to Sell Your House As Is in a Sluggish Property Market

Ask anybody who has attempted to a sell a house in a sluggish property market and they’ll tell you that it can be very difficult if you are using the same old gimmicks that are standard with a normal or booming market. You can try to fix up the house you are trying to sell, but that’s going to take resources and time, and in a sluggish market, you may just want to sell quickly and be done with it. When selling your house as is in San Diego, there are several techniques you can use to ensure you can sell even in a sluggish property market.

Selling House As IsPrice According to the Market

First, when you decide to sell a house as is in San Diego, you have to realize that you aren’t going to get the maximum profit for the property that you may want. You should research the local real estate market, check selling prices of properties similar to yours, and if you can, check the prices in the same neighborhood. Price your home according to what you find in your research: if you price your home too high, you won’t get any buyers, and pricing too low may get you a quick sale, but you’ll miss out on some profit. Also, when you sell as is, you are going to be sacrificing some profit by listing lower, but you also are saving the time it would take to do repairs and renovations.

Staging and Curb Appeal

Although you may be choosing the option of selling a house as is, it’s still important to make sure your house is presentable when selling. The first impression is always the most important in many things in life, so when you have a potential buyer drive up, you are going to want to have some curb appeal. Fixing up the front of your house will make it more inviting for potential buyers, as will trimming hedges, weeding flower beds, cutting the lawn—these are all simple things that bring buyers in. Once you have them in your home, you may want to stage your house; if you can’t leave some of your furniture behind while selling, it may cost a bit of money to do professionally. Also, if you are able to, depersonalizing your home will help people see themselves in it rather than seeing you in it. Maybe you’ve turned a bedroom into a specialty room like a game room. When staging, you would turn it back into a bedroom, making potential buyers with families more interested.

Aggressive Marketing

If you are selling your house as is in San Diego and want to do it effectively and quickly, you’ll want to work on an aggressive marketing strategy. Your marketing plan should include everything from basic newspaper ads to top real estate websites, to online classifieds, etc. And while you are posting ads, make sure you include good-quality photographs, virtual tours, and professional-quality videos. Open houses are also great opportunities to bring in potential buyers, so have them as often as you can to grow interest in your house.

Using an Investment Company That Pays Cash for As-Is

The most surefire way of selling your house as is in San Diego is to contact an investment company that specializes in buying as is homes for profit. You may not receive as much as you would from a private buyer, but you can get cash in hand in quickly, sometimes within a few days of contacting the investment company. So if you are looking to sell your house as-is, quickly in a sluggish market, contact an investment company such as Reef Investment Group to get your fair, written, no-obligation offer today.

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