Home of the 1% Full Service Listing. RealtyZoom’s team of expert local agents provide complete buying and selling services at a fraction of the cost. We offer sellers a 1% Full Service Listing and we offer buyers a rebate of up to 1%.

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RealtyZoom's team of technology and industrial innovators along with our expert real estate professionals are game changing the real estate industry. RealtyZoom has broken the home selling mold by providing sellers the ability to sell their home without the need to hire a high cost real estate agent. For the past nine years RealtyZoom has been providing home owners with the most affordable and effective way to sell their home so they can keep as much of their hard earned equity as possible.

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How To Sell Your Home Fast

Why?? Some homes sell almostimmediately after being listed while others seem to languish unsold for so longthat the market tends to ignore it. What makes the difference? Was the pricetoo high? Did

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Sell Your Home Through MLS With 1 Percent Realtor Commission

Selling your home can be a lengthy and costly experience. It takes time to find a real estate agent that you are compatible with. It takes both time and money to bring your home up to current

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Why Consider A Discount Real Estate Broker To Sell Your House

Real estate agents offer lots of services to aid in selling a home, but often those services end up being costly and ineffective. Discount real estate brokers, by contrast, are mainly responsible

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Is Selling A House By Owner Smart In Todays Real Estate Market

Selling a home is a stressful situation that takes a lot of hard work and dedication to correctly pull off. This is why so many Californian homeowners turn to listing agents who are familiar with

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