Low-cost MLS Listing Service with RealtyZoom

Are you thinking of selling your home? You may be dreading the entire process. Just think of all of the elements that go into a traditional home sale.

      Comparing local real estate agents and brokers
      Getting a list of repairs and upgrades that need to be made before listing
      Coordinating repairs and contractors
      Paying for expensive staging And that’s all before you even get listed! The process can be time-consuming and, worst of all, can involve tens of thousands of dollars of hard-earned equity being paid to a listing agent or broker.

And what value are you really getting for that 3% commission? A sign in the yard? A list of repairs that “must” be made before your home is ready to be viewed? An open house that the agent uses to troll for new clients or expensive staging that costs even more?

One of the main contributions real estate agents and brokers bring to the home sale process is their ability to list your home on MLS, the Multiple Listing Service that allows other agents and real estate portals like Zillow and Trulia. This means that when potential buyers go online to look for homes in your neighborhood, they see photos and other information about your home.

What if this MLS listing service could take place without hiring an expensive real estate agent? What if your home sale process could take place with you in control? What if you could deal directly with potential Buyers and their agents, all while saving thousands in Listing Agent commissions?

There is a better way to sell your home, and RealtyZoom is here to help. We offer the elements you need to sell your home--including signage, MLS listing, distribution to major real estate portals, and more--at a stunning 1% commission rate.

In addition you get expert help from our RealtyZoom experienced agents. They can help with coordination, contract review, counseling, and more to ensure that you understand every step of the home sale process. They even negotiate on your behalf and assist with your closing--just like a full-price listing agent or broker.
And unlike a traditional real estate broker, you’re not locked in to a long-term representation contract. You have the power to make your decisions throughout the process, ensuring that your home sale happens on your terms.

And you don’t need to wait around days or even weeks for an agent to fit you into their schedule. With RealtyZoom, you could be listed within 24 hours. Our quick upload and listing management means that your home could be featured in hundreds of top real estate websites by this time tomorrow.

Could you use thousands of dollars in commission savings? Just imagine, that 2% savings could pay for:

      Moving costs
      Down Payment on your next home
      Upgraded fixtures in your next home
      Paying off outstanding bills
      Boosting retirement or college funds

Think of how that kind of money could help you and your family. Now think of leaving it all on the table, or in the pocket of a traditional real estate agent or broker. Doesn’t it just make sense to list your home on the MLS and get all of the benefits of great RealtyZoom service?

Don’t wait. There’s a better way to sell your home and you can take advantage of our MLS Listing Service and be on the market within 24 hours. Sign in at our website and schedule your free, no obligation listing consultation today.